Caroline Sellars

With a career spanning 20 years Caroline has a proven track record and extensive experience in criminal defence and operational police law.

Her strong knowledge of legislation and relevant case law, coupled with her realism and common-sense approach, has earned Caroline praise from senior officials within East Midlands police for dealing with complex matters in a timely and effective way.

A former senior advocate in East Midlands Police Legal Service (EMPLS), Caroline has been at the forefront of an ever changing and challenging legal landscape which has seen her handle a variety of complex cases, from female genital mutilation, forced marriage and domestic violence to firearms, POCA matters and stalking. She has significant experience and expertise in police disciplinary matters and is highly rated by police forces and the Police Federation alike.

Her passion for criminal defence work began early in her career when completing her training contract with a firm of solicitors. It is here that Caroline found her voice and love of criminal defence work, with a particular interest in youth court matters.

Having spent the formative years of her career in a busy legal practice before making the move to EMPLS, has enabled Caroline to become the strong lawyer and advocate she is today.

She is an approachable, friendly and calm professional who prides herself on taking a human first approach in her work.

Caroline Sellars

As a teenager who was once told by a careers’ advisor to ‘lower her expectations’ when she expressed her desire to become a lawyer, Caroline has continued to confound expectations amongst her peers throughout her career by becoming a renowned and respected legal professional.

As well as being a committed and passionate advocate, she is also a busy mother who enjoys the three Ss – sewing, sailing and skiing in her very limited spare time.

Inn: Gray's Inn


Appointment as a Deputy District Judge 2020, Grade 2 prosecutor.

Solicitors and other practising lawyers are invited to contact the clerks on: +44 (0)115 824 9090

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